The Philosophy of Beauty

This is an article I wrote for Temple of the Home. This article touches on subjects that are also relevant to this weblog.

The Temple of the Home

The title of this weblog is the Temple of the Home.  So far, I have focused on the more material aspects of the Hestia, such the dinner table, the television, dress, and a ladies’ tea.  I have touched briefly on the philosophical and spiritual aspects of these matters; however, I think that the time has come for a deeper discussion.

On a spiritual level, humans are Axial Beings.  This is a large word to state that we have Free Will, and the ability to choose between Light and Dark, between Good and Evil.  I have written several articles on The Apple Seed, which is my weblog devoted to astrology and metaphysics.  These articles give a more detailed explanation our nature as Axial Beings.  If you are interested, you may refer to these articles as listed below:

Fate, Free Will, the Cross, and Wa

True and False Selves Through the Zodiac

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